Phantom Anthem

by Nova



You need it.


released October 31, 2014

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Nova Liverpool, UK

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Track Name: Ghiest (intro)
Demonologists follow the fiendish creatures of the hollow tree and sit and wait for amnesty from soulless empty entities/A black mist in a circumferenceless forest/provides a place to hide your face from everything that's honest/there's little written in the scriptures of the pitch black book that document the living horrors of the dead/the screams are loud but no-one's around to hear them/for ears'd bleed and hell would roam the earth again this evening/should/the blood of innocent life be spilled/or fill/the killed ill corpses that lay on the ground/still/see/disciples of fire/fighting the signs/of life/and dining on the/frightened for a midnight thrill/we/don't often stumble on the wonders of the underworld/the thunder hurled/the hunger burned/the son of mortal madness lurks/in pits deeper than the bottom of space/without care/for fair/fightin'/livin'/ minus a face/so when the haunted mortal man displays a brilliant plan/and finds the essence of the entrance to this terrible land/A horrid horrible horror'll/sneak and follow the follower/creeping ever so closer to the home of the damned/and when he finally ventures as far as to see the door/and his adventures have took him farther than ever before/that's when the father of evil escapes his villainous court/proceeds to rip this man's soul from his meddlesome corpse.